Professional experience/LT

as an international expert in strategic communication and mentor for international talents. Lavinia combines broad cross-sector and cross-market experience with years of service to Henkel company in value creation, corporate communication strategy, change management, regional steering and mentoring & coaching global talents and diverse communication teams. Now, Lavinia is managing CommUnity by LT,  and inspiring, educating, changing and making a difference for her clients as Adviser, Consultant, Mentor and Coach, together with her amazing friends Costin Vasile & Miruna Macavei from SimpliTao, Olga Stanciu & Ana Muntean from Show-Off.

Education/ LT
  • Economist with MBA degree
  • Creative Communication Strategist with postgraduate degrees in Public Relations, Journalism & Multimedia
  • Certified Trainer,
  • Experienced & enthusiastic Mentor
  • Inspired Coach (expert-areas for LT: Career-, Life-, Relationships-, Vitality & Harmony Coach), incl. Gen Z Coach (under the umbrella-program “Life Talent”)
  • Certified UHT Associated Instructor – Yoga/face yoga & Energy practices enthusiast
Diverse Skillset/ LT
  • 360o Strategic Communication & Reputation Management
  • Stakeholder Strategic Communication
  • Crisis Communication & Issues Management
  • Corporate Responsibility (incl.CSR) & Sustainability Communication
  • Internal Communication & Organisational Change (incl. M & A)
  • Change Management Advisor / Strategic & Change Communication
  • International coordination of diverse & multicultural teams
  • Training and upskilling international teams
  • Developing & Upskilling international teams (in-house mentoring program & coaching)
  • Team trainer, Corporate Mentor & Coach (Certified UHT Associated Instructor)
  • Expert / Trainer Corporate Mental Health/Mental Fitness
  • Gen Z (& Alpha) Mentor and Coach
  • Advisor & Mentor for creative Start-ups (Fashion Design & Creative industries)
  • Trainer & External Expert for extra-curricular student courses (UAD Cluj Napoca, Romania)
Our focus
  • Change, Adaptability & Flexibility, Resilience
  • Clarity, Structure
  • Refraiming
  • Communication (Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Personal Com. Toolkit)
  • Courage, Determination, Perseverance & Tenacity
  • Confidence, Power & Personal Strength
  • Vitality, Energy, Life Force
  • Health & Harmony
  • Values, Virtues, Purpose
  • Body & Mind (Healthy & Fit)
  • Project Management 4 Life
  • and much more…

LT: While building a career in the global corporate world...

I understood the importance of choosing a more balanced and harmonious life. It took me some time (10+ years) and several trips to Asia to learn how to counter-balance a complex and demanding professional life, one that I loved and work passionately for… I became a big fan of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation,  pilates and yoga, and I have learnt to honor and respect the golden trio (body, mind and soul) with a healthy lifestyle – clean and green food, moderate exercise, emotional detox, a healthy dosage of curiosity & enthusiam and cultivating the virtues with a kind and generous mindset. I know it is important to love what you do (both professionally and personally) and never forget about your dreams. Even when you reach them, don’t stop! There is no expiration date on dreams – dream another dream!

I believe in the power of Woow, of inspiration, of paying forward. Indeed, with maturity, comes wisdom and now, I love to be a Mentor and a Coach! I am so grateful to all my Mentees for their precious lessons! They all make me see how wonderful it is to co-create a better future together, to stay optimistic and highly motivated to keep going, no matter what.

LT as a Mentor | Milestones:

  • Gen Z Mentor @ “Life Talent” program for Teens
  • 2023-2024: Mentor @ WeMentoring by Women in Tech, Cluj Napoca/ RO
  • 2019-present: Mentor & External Expert @ UAD (University of Art and Design) Cluj Napoca/RO
  • 2019-2021: Mentor @ EACD (The European Association of Communications Directors)
  • 2005-2018: Mentor Henkel CorpCom Team (CEE, IMEA, Global)

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