CommUnity is here

to help companies and

brands to communicate

in a more efficient and synergic way, and to bring more relevance to consumers' lives and customers’ business in a digital environment.

The first results are a better reputation in the eyes of their key stakeholders and a truly engaged target audience. We are willing to show you how to use communication as “the glue”, to unite people, businesses and communities.

Our portfolio offers a complete range of strategic and integrated communication services, clustered around the three key focus areas:  “Reputation & Trust”,  “Positioning & Recognition” and “Engagement & Advocacy”

Reputation & Trust

The current global context has cofirmed what studies have shown in the recent years - major shifts in the way consumers and customers see and understand reputation and decide to give their trust upon companies and brands.

This is key-area where communication plays a strategic role for businesses, be it small and local, medium sized or big and global players.

Recognition & Positioning

In the current pandemic context, more than ever before, brands & businesses need a higher purpose! Especially if they want their audience to recognize their messages, they need to stand for something bigger than profits!
If brands & businesses want to stay in the game, they need to be part of the conversation, listen to their audience, surprise & excite their audience with relevant content, and last but certainly not least, be authentic and consistent across all channels.

By being aware of their specialty areas and owning them, by nurturing their communities and engaging them with the right and relevant content, businesses can break through and lay a solid foundation for a sustainable business growth, regardless of the market context.

Engagement & Advocacy

The rise of online and digital media made the lines between internal and external -, and online and offline communication disappear. This trend was accelerated over the last months due to the pandemic. With people working remotely, it is more difficult than ever before to make sure everything stays internal! Therefore, the organizations have become now open systems, exposed to more risks than ever before.

The rise of IoT, VR and AI is adding more complexity to this corporate context and to the daily life of consumers, both for using products and for processing & consuming product info and corporate information.

Therefore, resilient and sustainable brands and businesses will have to focus more on their contribution, on the value creation for their stakeholders. And here, the Inside-Out perspective is a good starting point. Especially in the current context, brands and businesses need to invest more in their employees, so that in return, their employees will advocate for them and show high levels of engagement & commitment, together with increased loyalty for their employer.

We are looking forward to helping your business and including you in our CommUnity!

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