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Over the last four years our Team was engaged in very diverse and complex projects, guiding our partners to become more resilient, more sustainable, more responsible and more trustworthy in the eyes of their stakeholders.

Thanks to our common efforts, we really made a difference in areas like Stronger & healthier together, Corporate (Mental) Health, Strategic Communication, Stakeholders Engagement, Business Coaching, Reputation, Trust & Shared Responsibility.

Especially in Lavinia’s key areas of expertize  – Strategic Communication, Stakeholders Engagement & Business Coaching/ Mentoring – we had a visible and sustainable contribution to the business success of our clients & partners, who are both creative start-ups and well-establised companies.

Highlights - Corporate Health Program

We believe that resilient and sustainable brands and businesses will have to focus more on their contribution, on the value creation for their stakeholders.  We also believe that businesses are made of people for people!

The recent global pandemic has put a strain on individuals and enterprises, unveiling the importance of mental health at the workplace, both as a real office or a home-office. The health of the employees should be a top priority for any enterprise!

Especially in the current context, brands and businesses need to invest more in their employees (yes, it is an investment, not a cost!), so their employees will reward them with high levels of engagement, loyalty and true commitment.

Over the last four years we developed and successfully rolled out for our partners a holistic corporate health program, offering a wide range of exercises, with flexible formats (mix & combine depending on the corporate needs and culture), from different areas, like:

  • energy exercises and meditation – to make sure your batteries are always fully charged,
  • tips and recommendations for balance and harmony (Feng Shui area),
  • easy and effective fitness and physical training exercises (HIT),
  • tips and recommendations from the area of balanced nutrition, healthy habits/ healthy lifestyle
  • harmony and life purpose coaching


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