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your “secret ingredient” & your purpose,

boost your courage and self esteem, improve your value creation capabilities and your communication skills, your standing and your reputation, stregthen your curiosity muscle, improve your vitality (VQ) and emotional intelligence intelligence, become more aware of your talents & super- powers and also your impact and your own contribution.

We (Lavinia and her partners) are ready to support you on your personal trans-formation journey for a fullfilled, healthy and meaningful life. Everything we offer (trainings, tutoring, mentoring and coaching, physical and mental health therapies)  is fun, easy to follow and friendly, as you can see from the refferals below.

Please reach out to us if you want to be inspired, educated on the above mentioned areas, to see your life changed for better and if you want to make a difference in the world.

If you are still not convinced about the special powers of „Lavinia’s Magic Dust”, here is a testimonial from one of her first Mentees – Sabrina:

“Lavinia has been my mentor during a very challenging time in my career, a complex period filled with stressful challenges. Thanks to Lavinia’s skills and experience, I was able to read the changes in the environment, work on my strengths and improve my weaknesses, define the right strategy & scenario planning to tackle the issues, and identify feasible solutions. My Mentor has been a source of inspiration both for facing negative situations and for proactively creating positive opportunities for my professional and personal growing! Lavinia is gifted with business and life acumen, insight, empathy, experience, immense positive energy and drive and she has always inspired me with her proactive attitude. This mentoring & coaching experience had a huge impact on my professional and personal growth and development”.


Lavinia is also a very inspired Gen Z Mentor. Under the umbrella of her “Life Talent” program she is sharing her “Magic Dust” and positive energy and is a permanent source of inspiration for her Teens.

Life Talent / ro: Talentul Vieții means:

  • being on top of things and enjoying life!
  • being the hero in your story and creating your own life (fulfilled & meaningful one)!
  • surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and offer you opportunities to grow & make you shine!
  • believing in yourself and having the courage to show your uniqueness!
More details in the “Life Talent” section.

Change for the better and create the best version of yourself and you will make a difference in the world, by inspiring the others to follow your example and educating them in regard to enlarging their horizons!

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