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We are ready to support you on your personal journey of finding your own voice and strengths, for example by improving your communication style and skills, shaping your personal brand and master self- PR, mentoring and coaching for a fullfilled and meaningful life, both personally and professionally. Everything will be fun, super-easy and friendly – entirely online.

Now is the perfect time to work on your “Why

During pandemic and lockdonwn, we all had the chance to rediscover ourselves, outside our “normal” hectic daily lives. Over the last few months, given the restrictions, we all had this unique chance to assess and choose ( I call it”feng shui”) our feelings, emotions, relationships, habits and, hopefully, get rid of all the unnecessary and toxic ones. A lot of us spent time revisiting values and resetting our priorities based on what we really want, making us our top priority!

I don’t know about you, but I really intend to keep this new set-up, I like this new me;).

  I made the choice to see this period as a chance to learn new skills, create new  opportunities for me, my friends and my network, and, generally, go out of my comfort zone and… embrace change, regardless of the risk.

I think it is obvious for most of us that our future means continuos learning & developing ourselves, inspiring each other to be better versions of ourselves, trusting each other more and collaborating more for a greater contribution… The moment you open yourself to new opportunities, they start coming to you and hereby I share with you 3 special learnings. I truly believe in the power of a positive mindset, positive always attracts positive, one of my favorite sayings (George Bernard Shaw): Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”.

Learning #1 is about being inspired to step out of your comfort zone! Inspiration & courage are the prerequisites for your personal journey of creating yourself!

In the current context, courage and a dash of optimism will set you apart, regardless of the risks. If you feel you are not there yet, contact us! We can create together your “courage toolkit”. You will love the journey and we promise you – you will learn a lot about yourself, your purpose and find so many ways to maximize your contribution!

Learning #2 is about creating your own path and following it no matter what, either professionally or personally, a path in-line with your life purpose, with your values and your beliefs.

And while you do that, remember what Albert Einstein said, “strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”. And this is one of my favorite lessons: always look for quality over quantity! Look for authenticity, not just appearance! Because valuable people, people you want to work with, spend your life with, learn from etc,  they will always look for value and quality, in every aspect of their lives.

Learning #3 is about having role models in your life –  people who guide you, inspire you and push you to dream big!

I encourage you to sorround yourself with people who inspire you and create opportunities for you, both professionally and personally!

Moreover, I highly recommend you to join a Mentorship program, if you have the chance. The Mentee-Mentor relationship is one of the most rewarding experiences ever –  The bond, the trust and the outcome are really outstanding, for both parties !

For me, having the chance to be a Mentor (@ 2019-2020 EACD Mentoring Program) for Sabrina, during a very challenging time in her career, has been one of my highlights for these past months!  This is how Sabrina sees our partnership:

“Lavinia has been my tutor over the last months, thanks to an opportunity that EACD offered me. This tutorship has represented an absolutely positive experience during a period of great professional challenges and complexity. Thanks to Lavinia’s skills and experience, I was able to read the changes in the environment, work on my strengths and weaknesses, define the strategy & scenario planning to tackle the issues, and identify feasible solutions.

My Mentor has been a source of inspiration both for facing negative situations and for proactively creating positive opportunities for my professional and personal growing! Lavinia is gifted with acumen, insight, empathy, experience and she has always shown me a positive and proactive attitude.
This experience has represented a significant factor for my professional and personal development”.

Besides being a Mentor, I wanted to contribute more during the lockdown period by sharing positive energy and being a source of inspiration for younger talents, so I created two new projects:

“Life Talent / ro: Talentul Vieții”a project dear to my heart,  created during the lockdown period with the aim to help out my friends and their teenagers”. During this mentoring & 1-2-1 development program, I am inspiring &  motivating Teens to ….

  • be always “in the question”, to look for their own perspective (through the filter of their own values), to believe in their own qualities,
  • listen to their body and be aware of the energy,
  • communicate effectively, with ease, joy and authenticity.

For me, Life Talent means:

  • enjoying life! Live every day with the joy of creation and contribution!
  • creating your own life (fulfilled & meaningful one) – around Choice, Possibilities, Contribution & added Value!
  • knowing how to surround yourself with people who inspire you and offer you opportunities, possibilities & make you a better person!
  • knowing how to always value your uniqueness. To just be you, no matter what others think!

The podcast “We share Magic through Technology”/ ro: “Împrăștiem Magie prin Tehnologiealso started during the lockdown period together with my amazing friends Miruna and Costin (from Simplitao).

We share our opinions, our personal experiences  and our professional expertize (in Romanian) on what it takes to create a meaningful & fullfilled life for yourself and, by doing this, contributing to the ecosystem (more details – here).



Here comes my last recommendation: Do everything you can to find out who you truly are and what you stand for. Because from that moment on, the sky will be the limit for you, both professionally and personally!

Change for the better and create the best version of yourself and you will make a difference in the world, by inspiring the others to follow your example and educating them in regard to enlarging their horizons!

Send us your request here and become part of our CommUnity of Good-Doers.

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