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by Lavinia Toma

There are some obvious facts supporting my catchy phrase: you can’t do/create/accomplish anything in this life without your body; if you take care of your body, your body will return you the favor and support you unconditionally, in pursuing your dreams. Caring & acting responsibly starts with you – your own Body! If you want to help the others, you must make sure you are OK first, healthy and your human batteries are “fully charged”.

My entire life I was a big supporter and promoter of sports, outdoor and indoor (depending on the season). I started as a kid, with artistic gymnastics, skating, ballet and later – tennis and basketball. I was very flexible and always good at sports, I loved how I felt during and after the main event. I am grateful for the crucial lessons I’ve learnt, early on, from sports, like (self)discipline, tenacity, determination, gumption, resilience, importance of training & practice, respect & responsibility, time and stress management, team dynamics, and many more. I believe that practicing sports as a kid is the best possible foundation for a healthy and meaningful life!

Years later, I started to realize the impact stress and long working hours have on our wellbeing. And after exhausting my body in my pursuit of a successful career, I realized that and accepted/ acknowledge the fact that if you want a healthy and long life, you should start respecting your body and taking good care of it, with moderate exercise, proper nutrition, hydration, sleep & rest… And I understood that I managed to surpass that stressful periods in my life only because of my trained body!

Coming back to the current context, as I said before, there is a lot of turbulence and uncertainty around us. If in the past we used to find motivation and ways to charge on the outside, now we must reverse the process and re-learn to recharge our batteries from the inside (because what comes from the outside is toxic, negative). The world needs us now fit, healthy and resilient so we can overcome any hurdles, obstacles and challenges and contribute to the global efforts of shaping a brighter future.

And the keys are within our power: always keep our “human battery” charged to preserve our Health and your Vitality; be caring & responsible with the nutrients and vitamins you offer to your body; exercise every day (cardio or more yin/ calming/ energy saving/ exercises) and avoid anything in excess!

More important than talking is how you walk the talk! Being a promoter of an active lifestyle, I created together with a dear friend – Ana Muntean (an expert in sport) – an educational workout program for my „Life Talent”  Teens. I want them to be strong at core so we focus on training our abdominal area, where we all have our own power-plant (as I’ve learnt from the Tao practices).

Hereby you can find more details about our „Dare to Show off” Workout Program for Teens:


And since I mentioned the Tao Practices… What I am also sharing with all the ones I work with are the energetical practices I discovered years ago, first by chance (for a professional event I was organizing) when I met my Tai Chi/ QiGong Master – Costin Vasile –  and later, when I traveled to Asia/ Thailand and had the great honor of meeting (and be taught by) one the last Taoist Masters – Master Mantak Chia (Costin’s mentor).

There is a reason why all these amazing practices and techniques have been passed from generation to generation by the greatest Taoist masters… They work for thousands of years, and they will always work, because they teach us that regardless of the outside world, we can always keep our batteries fully charged in a sustainable way, with energy, available non-stop, everywhere…

If you are curious about their magic powers, I leave you with some amazing stories by Miruna Macavei, a dear  friend & “Magic Mentor” like „The Healing Power of The Normal Breath or Out-sourcing Your Power Is Never A Good Idea”😉. She has some wonderful wisdom for all of us, so I invite you to find more Inspiration @ Blog – Simplitao.

Stay healthy and keep shining from inside out! 

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