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Closing a chapter and getting ready for a new one | Learnings & Highlights along the way…

The only constant in life is change or transformation, nothing stays the same forever. We can’t influence the external events, but we can change the way we relate and respond to them. In a nutshell, this is what we are learning during the mentoring program.

Since it is August and we have officially closed another mentorship “year”, biding our farewells to some of our wonderful Life Talent Mentees, we asked

… Lavinia to share with you her highlights as Mentor for them – please find them below…

Franci, Serban and Andreea are the newest satellites I launched on the Earth Orbit this summer! Propelled forward by their “Fuel for Future” and guided/ steered by their Crew of personal “Superheroes”, they embark now on a new, exciting and thrilling adventure, to their new chapters of their life story.

I enjoyed every single session together and I promised to all of them during our emotional farewell meeting that I will continue to be their loyal and trustful supporter and Mentor 4 Life, and their sustainable and unlimited re-source for all magic related things (Magic Dust + Vitamin L etc.).

With each one of them it was all about “steppingstones”, smaller but brave steps, taking the trans-formation/ change in smaller bites, step by step, each one being built on the previous one, never giving up hope, enjoying the journey, and keeping your heart wide open for true and meaningful connections, no matter the challenges you must face onwards!

Francesca is the first Teen who ever asked for my Magic Touch as a Mentor! She challenged me to start this “Life Talent” program for Teens, when we were in the first wave of the global pandemic. Her trans-formation is also my trans-formation over the last 4 years! We’ve been through so much together and I am now very proud of the young Woman she became!  Against all odds she found the strength to overcome all the hurdles and challenges she had to face over the last years! She is now ready to spread her wings and fly away towards her new life chapter.

Fun fact: her new life chapter will start in the place where my former chapter ended😊! Life is full of surprises and gifts, it only depends on us to see them as such, embrace, and welcome them and be grateful for them.

 @Franci : “ich drücke dir die Daumen! Ich bin sehr stolz auf dich!“

Serban – a soul of an Artist, so profound, so sensitive, so multi-talented and gifted in so many areas! When I look back at our first encounter, I see his impressive growth! What I particularly like about Serban is the fact that his growth has never affected his good and kind heart. Against all odds and amidst the life vortex full of anger, aggression, violence, abuse, he still managed to keep his heart open, and his human spirit alive, be kind, attentive, and generous with the ones around him, even with the ones who hurt him and disappointed him so much! His uniqueness comes from making/ doing everything with an open heart, which is, as we learn during LT program, the definition of courage!

I am very proud of Serban and our work together! I am also grateful for the lessons he taught me along his exciting and emotional trans-formational journey!

@Serban: May you always be surrounded by likewise kind-hearted people who see your true self, appreciate your kind and open heart and help you achieve your  dreams!

Andreea – such a sunny & shiny person! She has all the great key-ingredients needed to become a great tennis champion! So talented, so determined, so strong already after all the challenges she had to face, both personally and on the tennis court, ever since she was just a little girl! So inspiring in so many ways! Her trans-formational journey also pushed my limits as a Coach and Mentor and expanded my skill set! I am also super grateful to Andreea for bringing back tennis into my life, after so many years! It’s been an absolute pleasure to join her on her exciting trans-formational journey and I will be always here when she needs me, as her Mentor 4 Life!

@Andreea: Good Luck! May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind be always at your back, on and off the tennis court!

And I will add Christoffer to this very exclusive list of Talents (even though he is still a high-school student for one more year) a very gifted and self-taught businessman! He is such an inspiration! He was only 15 when he started his own online business! Now, after 3 years, he is already making a name for himself in the corporate world! I can’t be prouder of him and continue to be his Fan and Mentor 4 Life!

And some last words of wisdom for Franci, Serban, Andreea, Christoffer (at least for now😊):

Keep writing your story of courage, keep being the brave gladiators fighting the good fight out there!

Believe in yourself and your superpowers!

Let’s look forward with excitement and hope! Have faith – The best is still to come😉!

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