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by Lavinia Toma | In 2020, more than ever before, we need to figure it out how we can all do our part…

Isn’t it amazing how all of us stop for a moment, at the end of each year, to reflect on the year about to end, to analyze what has to be saved for the new year and what has to be left behind? Once the lessons are learnt, we are ready to face the new year with optimism, joy and excitement! I wish we can all hold on to those feelings and emotions and save this great energy and excitement for the entire year,  so we can be the best version of ourselves!

In 2019 the buzz-word was “Purpose”, and in most of the cases, that was all, just a word… Unfortunately, we can’t settle for empty words/ the sidelines anymore. As my 9 y.o. nice said, “our Planet is in pain and is crying:(“!!! Forests burning, plastic everywhere in oceans and seas, ecosystems destroyed, everything seemed to be turned upside down.

The good news is, we have a new year in front of us and we can all start fresh. From the first moments of 2020, I saw more and more people waking up, willing to do something about it. In the first days of 2020 I read a great story about a sustainably-minded-label based in Sydney, Australia. I was deeply impressed by Designer Kit Willow’s story. She was asking herself “how can I add value and be a positive force for the future of the planet in this critical moment in our history… I set out to create a brand that considers planetary impact over profit in every decision made—a brand that engineers each garment with consciously sourced materials so that not only is it kind in its creation, but also that it wears well and cares well and breaks down completely back into earth or water.” I love the ending to her article: ” C is such an important letter of the 2020s. C for coal; leave it in the ground. C for the climate change that is exacerbating these fires. C for compassion, for the earth not least of all. We need to put planet before profit, as consumers, as creators. The fires in Australia have made it obvious: Our species and our future depend on it.”

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To build on this powerful statement, I would like to add 2 more C’s for personal contribution & commitment to protecting our planet so the future generations can have a future!!! As mentioned here before, I believe in pay-it-forward, in the power of positive example! If each one of us is taking care of his/her personal footprint, is becoming more aware of the fact that everything we do has an impact on our environment, and is more cautious with <Why? What? How?> when it comes to our resources – we will see the immediate impact!

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The great news is that a very important stakeholder for our Planet, the business sector, is also waking up and ready to do something! I was happy to read about Purpose and Sustainability taking center stage at WEF (World Economic Forum) Annual Meeting in Davos, last week.  If you haven’t read about it yet, I highly recommend you to access the link and find out everything you need to know  about the future of the business world and, subsequently, our own future on this wonderful Planet. Truly, a remarkable WEF edition, as Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, pointed out:  “With the world at such a critical crossroads, this year we must develop a ‘Davos Manifesto 2020’ to reimagine the purpose and scorecards for companies and governments. It is what the World Economic Forum was founded for 50 years ago, and it is what we want to contribute to for the next 50 years.”

Let’s hope for the best in the 2020s and embrace the 2 big C‘s for personal Contribution & Commitment to protecting our planet!!!

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